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Design has for many years driven the direction of my life. From sketching as a child to practicing landscape architecture professionally, it is no surprise that painting and design would become a natural progression of those interests. Drawing taught me freedom of expression while project management taught me discipline and balancing client requirements with realistic budgets.

My design experience is clearly reflected in my painting work. For many years the
urban landscape served as a metaphor for a modernist approach to contemporary art.
Today, expression of the rural landscape is told through the eloquent beauty of my
surroundings. Living in Bozeman, Montana, the landscape becomes the inspiration for
marrying light, form and space to the two and three dimensional worlds.

painting process:
The process for painting is not unlike that for design. There is a desired outcome and
a solution that requires technical or expressive problem solving. Because mosaic
paintings are many pieces to a whole, the parts rasterize to form the bigger idea. The
beauty therefor lies in the choreography of the pieces. To create mosaics, I apply
acrylic paint to masonite, cut to a determined module and epoxy to another masonite
panel to form a durable and rigid finished piece. The mosaics because of their heavily
textured and dynamic paint transform with the changing light.

house design process:
Design in the third dimension becomes a process of fittiing space to site, need and
budget. The challenge becomes a dance of marrying these elements into a singular
coherent idea that is celebratory, not just liveable. Exploration of all aspects of
conceptual site analysis and costing are examined prior to development of the final
design. Both client and designer interaction is key to getting to "yes". In the end, the
sum of all the parts are built on the energy of clear and constructive ideas, enthusiasm
and the belief that something can be spectacular.

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